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Coleman Jackson, P.C. Privacy Statement

The Internet is an amazing tool that allows us to provide you with significantly more access to goods, information, and services than we could otherwise. We realize, however, that the Internet can be intimidating, especially when personal information is required. This statement is intended to inform you of our procedures regarding the handling of personal information.

What personal information do we collect?

  • When needed, we will ask you for information that personally identifies you and allows us to contact you.
  • If you send us personal correspondence, such as e-mails or letters, or if other users or third parties send us correspondence about your activities or postings on our site, we might collect such information into a file specific to you.
  • If you establish a credit account with us, we collect some additional information, including your billing address, your credit card number and expiration date, and tracking information for checks or money orders.
  • If you choose to post messages to our chat rooms, we will collect such information about you as you choose to disclose.

What do we do with the personal information?

We use your personal information to

  • help you access other parts of our site without re-entering your information
  • help us create content and services most relevant to you
  • help you make purchases
  • notify you of information targeted to your interests and information about us or our products and services (although you may decline to receive these notices)

With whom do we share the personal information?

As a general rule, we do not sell or rent information that would allow someone to personally identify you. There are some ways in which we might use the information that you provide us, and there are some occasions where we might be forced to disclose such information. For example, we might provide advertisers certain aggregate information in order to promote our site (but this information could not be used to personally identify you), we might provide suppliers or service providers certain information necessary to allow them to perform their responsibilities (but we restrict how this information is used or accessed), or we might respond to legal requests of intellectual property and other rights owners and law enforcement agencies (but you would be notified of these requests).

What do we do to protect your personal information?

We have taken strong measures to protect your privacy and the security of your information, including

  • Requiring our employees who receive the information to safeguard and protect the information
  • Limiting access to your information to only those employees who need it to perform the services we provide to you
  • Securing our internal systems against third-party access or interference
  • Consulting with third-party organizations regarding privacy issues

What do we need you to do to help protect this information?

First, we ask that you follow the procedures in this statement and in the online directions provided to you. We require certain information in order to provide you with a service. You may provide any other information requested at your discretion.

Second, we ask that you update your information as needed by following the procedures set forth in Updating Personal Information.

Finally, if you have concerns regarding the privacy of the information, please contact Coleman Jackson, P.C. via email


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