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Dealing with the government can be a daunting experience, and, quite frankly, litigation can be aptly compared to war. Litigating a breach of contract claim like dealing with the United States Government or Texas Government can be filled with anxiety that rises to the level of fear and emotional and economic paralysis. Businesses and individuals caught up in a lawsuit or dealing with the government needs an aggressive, skilled legal advocate who understands how to represent litigants in the courtroom and knows how to work with the government to pursue their goals for their business, family and future.

If you have a tax dispute, litigation problem or immigration concern in Texas, Coleman Jackson, P.C., can be your trusted legal counselor, advocate and ally. Our tax lawyer is a litigator and immigration attorney with over 25 years of experience vigorously representing businesses, individuals and agencies to the full extent of the law.

When you come to the Dallas tax attorney, litigation counselor and immigration lawyer at Coleman Jackson, P.C., you will discover our dedication to help clients achieve a better life for themselves, their businesses, families and communities. You will receive personal, caring and professional attention at our tax, litigation and immigration law firm. You will find a fierce litigator in your corner, and discover a skilled legal counselor by your side helping you to see the costs, benefits, problems and potentials more clearly.

Team Approach to Tax, Litigation and Immigration problems by Dallas- Texas Law Firm

Coleman Jackson, P.C. is a Dallas area law firm that maintains a triad focus on federal and state tax controversies, litigation and business and family immigration needs.

Federal & State Tax:

Federal & State Tax

Our Dallas Tax Lawyer is also a Certified Public Accountant. Our Texas Tax Law Firm focus on disputes and problems such as offshore assets, foreign bank accounts, international tax disputes, tax audit problems, unfiled tax returns, sales tax problems, payroll tax problems, tax litigation and many other federal and state tax problems. Our tax attorney also help people manage taxes through proper estate planning, and we assist immigrants with various pre-immigration tax concerns.


Federal & State Litigation

Federal & State Litigation

We counsel clients who come to us prior to entering into contractual relationships, and we come along side those who come to us after contractual relations have soured or become hostile. Together our clients and the Dallas Litigator at Coleman Jackson, P.C. join forces to vigorously pursue or defend claims involving breach of contracts, deceptive business practices, business associates, government contracts, wills, trust and estates, trade secrets and unfair competition, and federal and state tax problems.


Business & Family Immigration

Business & Family Immigration

We build confidential trusting relationships with clients who come to us with business and family immigration concerns. We help with self-petitions, such as, violence against women act petitions, asylum applications, family immigration petitions, investor visas, employment visas, and more.
Our Dallas litigation law firm''s commitment to legal counseling and vigorous advocacy allows us to skillfully represent immigrants and other clients in important tax law controversies, immigration law matters, and litigation in federal and state judicial forums as our client's build better lives for themselves, their families, businesses and the overall communities in which they settle.

Experienced Dallas Tax Attorney, Litigator and Immigration Lawyer

If you wish to speak to an attorney and counselor about a tax,contract dispute or immigration matter, call 214-599-0431 or contact our Texas law firm online.


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