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Offshore Accounts Under Scrutiny

The federal government is stepping up enforcement of laws that require U.S. citizens and permanent residents who maintain assets in foreign countries to report those assets to the federal government. If you do not disclose your offshore assets to the federal government, you may be subjected to criminal and civil penalties.

If you have a tax problem related to offshore assets or offshore accounts, contact Coleman Jackson, P.C. Our Dallas offshore assets attorney is a CPA with a deep understanding of tax law and its implications for offshore accounts. Our tax law firm assist both immigrants whose offshore accounts may cause problems with their immigration issues and other U.S. citizens in Texas who have tax problems with their foreign accounts.

If you have not reported foreign assets, you may be able to take advantage of the Internal Revenue Service's voluntary disclosure program, which allows you to pay back taxes on the accounts with a set penalty structure rather than risk being caught.

If you are involved in a dispute over FBAR or FATCA requirements, our law firm can provide you with experienced, confidential advice and representation.

Tax Advice for Immigrants

In addition to tax controversies, our offshore assets lawyer can advise immigrants on how they may be affected by U.S. tax laws. If you have a green card, you are considered a permanent resident of the United States even if you live abroad. You must file U.S. tax returns unless the U.S. government determines that your status has been revoked or abandoned or you are affected by an income tax treaty. Our law firm can advise you on tax compliance as part of our family immigration practice.

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